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How can Greene Skirts help solve your advertising problems?


Are you looking for a way to reach a captive audience and help protect the environment at the same time?

Greene Skirts is an advertising company with an exponential environmental impact. We pair advertisers with the freight industry to create eye-level visual messaging on trucks traveling the highways of America.

Your company’s advertisement is placed on mobile skirts that can attract the attention of thousands of motorists and passengers sharing the roads everyday.

Skirts save truck owners money on fuel by making rigs more aerodynamic. Greene Skirts makes it even more affordable to use the skirts by connecting them with companies who have brands with products and services to share with the world.

Imagine the ad impressions that are possible with a truck transporting products from point A to point B. You have the potential to plant ideas in the minds of motorists, reminding them they need to renew a service, contribute to a good cause or eat more from a franchise with a restaurant at the next exit.

Our creative designers work with you to make sure your logo looks great. Using GPS technology, you can track precisely where messaging is twice daily to be sure you are getting true value for your advertising dollar.

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advertising-rationaleTelevision and newspaper ads aren’t as effective as they once were. Consumers can use DVRs to fast forward through ad spots. With so much noise in today’s world with competing messages, to stand out, you have to be creative. You have to get your ad where the people will see it.

Mobile advertising is the solution. Travelers will see your logo for several moments — possibly several minutes depending on how slowly traffic is moving.

Savvy business owners and marketing professionals are realizing the enormous potential there is by placing their ads with us at Greene Skirts. Our background is in moving freight, so we know how to optimize this form of branding. We are a green-focused, female-owned company.

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