FAQs for Advertisers

What is a Greene Skirt?
A trailer skirt or side skirt is a device affixed to the underside of a semi-trailer.  It is known for reducing drag caused by air turbulence, reducing tire spray, and improving trailer stability in crosswinds.  Your advertisement is placed on the mobile trailer skirts and is visible to thousands of eyeballs every day to motorists sharing the roads.

What if my advertisement is damaged?
Our printer has been a leader in the digital graphics industry since 1985 and offers a graphics warranty against any defect for the life of the wrap.  If any damage does occur as a result of standard wear-and-tear or an accident, we promise it will be reprinted and replaced on the same or a comparable truck within 30 days.

What will be the dimensions of my printed advertisement?
We use the DuraPlate® AeroSkirt®, manufactured by Wabash Commercial Products.  The skirt is available in two sizes, Truckload and Less-Than-Truckload.  Truckload skirts are approximately 2 ½ feet tall and 23 ½ feet long.  The Less-Than-Truckload skirts are approximately 2 ½ feet tall and between 11 and 13 feet long, depending on which size you choose.

For additional information, go to Wabash Commercial Trailers.

How do I get my graphics to you?
We accept zipped or stuffed high resolution PDF and JPG files and they can be uploaded, on CD/DVD, or on a Flash Drive.

How do I know my Greene Skirts are being seen?
We only put your advertising on trailers that will be moving daily.  Trailer skirts are most effective when the truck is going 60+ miles per hour.  You choose the area where you want your advertising to be seen, whether nationally or regionally.  We match your advertisement with the appropriate carrier for the specified area.  We also offer GPS services that can provide you with two updates daily as to the whereabouts of your advertised skirts.

Can I choose my driver and how do I know he is professional?
Our clients are welcome to choose their carrier but drivers may vary.

In addition, every carrier we use will be vetted with an excellent driving record.  Clients can be assured by going to www.carrier411.com to find their carrier rating.

What are my regional / geographic options?
We have drivers that are designated for specific regions and sometimes even states.  We also have national drivers if you would like national visibility.

Do I hold any liability if an accident occurs?
No.  All truck owners are responsible for carrying their own insurance policy.

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