Our Story

finished photos Dena-10Our CEO, Dena Jackson has been an environmentalist her entire life. She subscribes to the idea that we are all borrowing this earth and that it belongs to future generations to come.  She believes every little bit helps, but she also wished to help on a larger scale.

Working as a freight broker in the trucking industry, she saw an opportunity to make a positive impact and green up trucking.  She developed the company, Greene Skirts, as a solution that’s a win-win for everyone.

Greene Skirts’ efforts result in less oil dependence, a decrease in carbon emissions, increased trailer stability and a reduction of spray onto nearby vehicles.  All drivers of semi-truck vans can now have skirts for free through her program while providing a medium for effective, affordable and eye-level advertising.

Dena has a young son, Dagan, which means “of the Earth”.

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